We are convinced that a push up habit is one of the greatest natural exercises an individual can perform to for strength training, balance, symmetry, endurance, definition and to enhance metabolism. One of our associates in the fitness center does thousand push-ups every day, which he has been doing as he was a child. He is at present in his fifty’s. His body weight is one hundred and sixty-five pounds. He counters five hundred and fifty pounds. Pushups are his main resistance workout. He merely does weights to supplement his push up habit. The greatest looking pectoral muscles we have ever seen were built by performing push-ups as a primary.

Doing push ups everyday can be safe. Nevertheless, a qualifier is in line here. It is safe to perform some push-ups on a daily basis. The promptness and strength of push-ups are reliant on your fitness stage.

Fitness level

According to getphenq.com, your level of fitness utters how many and how frequently you should be performing push-ups. If you were just going to start a resistance exercise habit, then daily push-ups would be seized to a minimum.

In contrast, if you are in the midway phase, and you are performing push-ups as a supplement to few other resistance exercise habit, at that moment you would be served better on a schedule of two to four days in a week, or each other day with a reasonable amount of push-ups.

Let’s assume you are using push-ups as a main exercise and you are in the midway to advanced fitness stage. Then you could do push-ups on a daily basis. We have done push-ups daily and we have known highly developed bodybuilders who do everyday.

Finding your max

Is It Safe to Do Push-Ups Everyday?

Security is a factor when doing your pushup exercises. Balance and moderation are goals in every attempt. In general about one fourth of your max can be completed every day.

Get your max by performing one push up set to breakdown. For instance, if you max out at twenty-five reps, then you could securely do about six pushups daily.


Most important exercise advanced five hundred to thousand days. Five sets, hundred to two hundred in a set. This habit would most likely be done two to four days per week. Habit done by Navy Seal health prep is five days a week.

These include incomplete push-ups, half-stroke push-ups, and full addition push-ups.

Predispose push-ups, wide arm location (hands stretched outside of shoulders), average (hands located shoulder width) and narrow position (hands located together more or less touching or “diamonds”).

These variables need that you apply suitable safety measures.